Pediatric Dentistry

Tips On Choosing The Right Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, you want the best for your child. One of the many duties of being a parent is good oral hygiene. Cavities are common among children, and it is essential to get them fixed. When children experience tooth discomfort, it is difficult to convince them to get their teeth examined. At Meydenbauer Dental, we provide nitrous oxide to help with anxiety. Call us now to get the best pediatric dentist in Bellevue, WA.

What Is A Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are similar to dentists who work with adults. They go through training and study different procedures and techniques such as child psychology, and conscious and deep sedation that apply to treating children and specially-abled children. Pediatric dentists are strongly recommended for children because they are trained and know to manage children. Following are a few points to keep in mind to choose the right pediatric dentist for your child:

Check The Qualification And Certification

It is important to check the qualifications of the pediatric dentist you choose to care for your child’s dental health. At Meydenbauer Dental, we provide experts for your child’s dental care in Bellevue, WA.


You should see a Pediatric Dentist who has received special training on how to communicate with children through speech, facial expression, voice, and tone. At Meydenbauer Dental, we encourage parents to sit chair-side so their child feels safe.

Location Of The Dental Clinic

It is always recommended to choose a pediatric dentist near you. Longer distances can increase your child’s anxiety. At Meydenbauer Dental, we provide office tours so your child will feel more comfortable and become familiar with our friendly staff. Contact us now to book an appointment with the best pediatric dentist in Bellevue, WA.

Available Procedures

The pediatric dentist should be well versed in both basic and advanced methods to treat your child. Check if the pediatric dentist uses up-to-date technology or provides sedation to ensure minimal pain. At Meydenbauer Dental, our dentist may recommend dental sealants or fluoride supplements to protect your child’s death from decay. We also provide nitrous oxide to relieve anxiety and help the treatment go smoothly.

Check Online Reviews

It is important to make sure you do research or ask for recommendations. Check out online reviews and what patients have to say about their experiences. This will provide you with an insight into the workings of the pediatric dentist’s office.

Well-Equipped And Sanitized

The dental clinic should be well-equipped with essential materials like an oxygen tank, pulse oximeter, and intubation sets that should be immediately available if your child requires sedation. There are different instruments used for any kind of dental treatment, make sure the station is sanitized, and the dentist, as well as the staff, wear gloves at all times.

Schedule Appointments

Schedule an appointment and check out the atmosphere. At your child’s first visit, you can get their mouth examined, and teeth cleaned. The pediatric dentist will provide you with information, and the steps to ensure oral hygiene. At Meydenbauer Dental, we will ensure your child will receive the best pediatric dentistry in Bellevue, WA.

Pediatric Dentistry In Bellevue, WA

At Meydenbauer Dental, our team will ensure we protect your child’s smile by providing you with the best pediatric dentist in Bellevue, WA. Contact us or book your appointment today!