Technology & Your Comfort

We use the most modern technology, which is pivotal in delivering quick and efficient services to our patients. With modern dental technological equipment such as digital panorex, digital radiography, wax-up models, nitrous oxide, and intraoral cameras in place, we ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment to help our patients retain their smiles and joy.

Digital Panorex

A Panorex image shows all of the teeth, upper and lower jaws, wisdom teeth, and the temporomandibular joints on one large x-ray. This image can help the dentist understand the relationship between your teeth, jaws, and bite. It is essential X-ray for the evaluation of wisdom teeth and for extractions and implant placement. It also provides the dentist with important information about the presence or absence of permanent teeth in a child.


Digital Radiography

What We See Is What We Get
We are excited to be utilizing digital radiography in our practice – a procedure that's fast, comfortable, and incredibly precise. Using digital radiography gives us extremely accurate images to diagnose your dental problems. We can immediately translate that information into a large, clear, accurate image, projected onto a monitor that both the patient and the doctor can study together in the operatory.


Wax-Up Models

Just as an engineer creates a model to ensure that a machine will work correctly, the dentist often fabricates a wax-up model of jaws and teeth when working on more complex restorative or cosmetic cases. By building an accurate model of your mouth, we can test prosthetics, veneers, and other dental work to ensure a proper fit. You can also see what our proposed solutions will look like on the wax model, so you'll make a truly informed decision about your dental work. If adjustments are required, the dentist adapts the model to reflect changes before the case goes to the dental laboratory. Wax-ups provide us with a realistic projection of how your dental work will look and function, which results in more accurate restorations.


Nitrous Oxide

Many people know nitrous oxide as laughing gas. In our office, we can administer nitrous oxide to relieve anxiety for patients if needed. After you're comfortably seated in the dental chair, you will inhale the gas (a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture) through a face mask covering your nose. We will control the amount of nitrous oxide that you receive to ensure your safety. You will begin to relax and feel less anxious, so the dentist can perform your dental work while you stay completely comfortable. This does not take the place of local anesthetic and being numb, rather, it will help anxious patients relax for a better appointment experience. The effects of nitrous oxide subside once we remove your mask, so you will be capable of driving yourself home following the visit and can continue your daily activities as normal. Pregnant women cannot use nitrous oxide.


Intraoral Cameras

People seldom have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Even with lights and mirrors, a patient can't see what the dentist can — that is, until now.