Dental Sealants

4 Reasons to Choose Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are applied to seal out plaque and residual food particles from getting trapped in the ridges of the teeth. Due to their shape and location, dentists typically use sealants on the premolars and molars to prevent debris from dwelling in cracks on chewing surfaces. Our Bellevue dentists use dental sealants to protect teeth from cavities. 

4 Reasons To Choose Dental Sealants

1. Dental Sealants Are Durable.

Dental sealants can last around five to ten years. Tooth grinding and chewing on hard objects can worsen the quality and shorten the lifespan of treatment. If you suffer from tooth grinding, talk to your Bellevue dentist about a custom nightguard to save your teeth and the sealant from impairment.

2. Sealants Are Good At Preventing Cavities

The main reason to get dental sealants is to protect your premolars from cavities, so it shouldn’t be too considerably of a surprise that they do just that. What a lot of people are shocked by is how useful they are at keeping decay away. 

According to our Bellevue dentist, dental sealants prevent 88% of cavities for the first two years after application and 56% for the following two years, a total of four years of cavity protection and prevention.

3. Dental Sealants Are Useful For Kids & Adults

Dental sealants are applied to children’s teeth between 6-12 years. Sealants help prevent cavities during this time and set the foundation for a lifetime of better oral health. They can also be applied to baby teeth, especially prone to cavities.

But sealants can be a good choice for grown-ups as well. To be useful, they can only be applied to healthy teeth with no fillings or other restorations to fill in deep troughs or pits. Regardless of the patient’s age, our expert dentist evaluates teeth carefully to decide if sealants are a suitable choice.

4. Sealants Reduce The Risk Of Tooth Breakage

Wear and tear on your teeth can lead to small cracks called fissures. These cracks are so tiny that you presumably won’t even see them. But they do weaken the entire tooth structure. Every time you chew using that tooth, those small cracks will get deeper & broader, increasing your risk of tooth breakage. If a sealant protects your tooth, tiny fissures are get filled in, and future fissures get prevented.

Dental Sealants In Bellevue

To protect your teeth from cavities & plaque build-up, our dentist will do everything possible. The best way is by using dental sealants to protect the chewing surfaces from cavities by covering them with a protective layer that blocks bacteria. If you think sealant can benefit your kid without wasting time, contact us today. At Meydenbauer Dental, we have a highly professional dentist to provide you with the best dental care or services you need to protect your oral health. As soon as you visit our dental office, our compassionate staff will help you with everything you need.